An interview with Fiona Morris, founder of Fiona Morris HR and Accredited PAC Practitioner

Tell us what you have done in your career so far?

Prior to becoming the first accredited PAC HR practitioner, I spent my HR career dealing with every problem imaginable! I am experienced in the private, public and charity sector. I bring a massive amount of experience and knowledge to my role as an accredited practitioner. Starting at the bottom as a secretary I have literally worked my way up to being a business owner. Notable achievements on the way up have been working as Senior HR with Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service and Swinton Insurance, I have also worked for local charities, private businesses and in the voluntary sector. There is not much I haven’t dealt with!

Why do you think traditional HR doesn’t work?

There is no doubt, old fashioned policies and HR advice doesn’t work. It’s unfortunate, but this style of ‘Traditional HR’ is being run in over 90% of UK businesses today and is all that is offered by outsourced HR providers. Traditional HR is hated by managers and employees alike but it also fails to bring any value to an organisation. I see this first hand everyday. You don’t have to ask many business owners to know this is true. Traditional HR has, for years, been a ‘policy of following a policy’. Now this is outdated, too rigid and, in the face of employees changing needs, is too dangerous. Policies are all about treating everyone the same but today’s workforce every person is different. Policies are unfairly written against employees but they don’t provide employers protection either. Lacking in flexibility for both parties, its the rigidity of processes that sets employers up to fail. That failure can be both expensive, embarrassing and, with tribunal judgements scoring high on google in company searches, are very public. The results, lack of value and bad culture created just by having traditional HR in your business can be staggering.

Why I am proud to be an Accredited PAC practitioner?

PAC HR, my training and the services I offer my clients are totally unique. I offer protection for employers who can be proud to put their employees first but who also know they can achieve their outcomes whilst knowing their businesses are protected. HR has to be a two way street, a partnership between employee and employer. Its fair and more in line with what modern day employees expect from their roles but equally caters for employers who want to prove they value and care about their staff.

What’s the best thing about PAC HR?

How simple it is to put in place. Its simple for employees, for employers and can be put in place immediately. Knowing and understanding that everything comes down to People, HR and Accountability and how this is backed up in employee codes, handouts that back that up and work from.

How do your clients react to PAC HR?

A relief. They usually don’t know about how unique and different we are. Seeing their look of disbelief and then proving how different we are is great job satisfaction.

What makes you different at an accredited PAC practitioner?

My commitment. This is my business so I put my heart and soul into it. My clients don’t talk to me as a HR advisor but a business owner. My success is their success. It’s the perfect partnership, I am available to suit my clients and I am make sure they are available whenever they need me.

What does ‘Powered by DLP’ mean?

It means the best of all worlds, as a small business owner I can relate to my clients on a personal level, DLP are an award winning national HR provider who support me with compliance and accreditation. Clients are secure in the knowledge that all work and advice is checked, insured, carries best practice guides and is backed by qualified legal advisors. It means I am fully trained and accountable and always up to date. Its win-win.

How can I find out more?

I am happy to meet with any new clients or those wanting to find out more. Feel free to email me at


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